Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

  • Is PSYBooks HIPAA/HITECH compliant? View

  • What if I’m already using a practice management system? Can my records be transferred? View

  • I’m already receiving ERAs. Will those automatically be sent to PSYBooks? View

Account Setup

  • Does someone have to come to my office and install PSYBooks? View

  • What kind of contract or commitment does PSYBooks require? View

  • Do you charge for customer support? View

  • Will my monthly fees vary? View

Account Types

  • What types of accounts does PSYBooks offer? View

  • Will other GOI subscribers be able to see my PHI? View

  • What if I want another GOI subscriber to see my PHI? View

  • What if one therapist has an additional office? View

  • How does GOI calendar sharing work? View