Choose Your Account Type, Then Add Features

Account Types

PSYBooks offers two different account types: Individual and GOI. GOI stands for “Groups of Individuals” and is a discounted rate for situations where more than one therapist from the same office maintains a subscription to PSYBooks.

There are two tiers of GOI discounts, depending on the number of subscribers in your office: the normal discounted rate for 2-5 practitioners and a deeply discounted rate for large practices of 6 or more individuals:

  • Individual$45.00 ea.
  • Groups of Individuals (GOI) More info
  • 2 – 5 practitioners:$40.00 ea.
  • 6 or more practitioners:$25.00 ea.

Office assistants, billing and scheduling personnel, accountants, etc., can all be added for free as users of your account.

Add-on Features

Additional features you may want to add:

Fees for efiling and extra storage will be added to your monthly subscription fee above. There are no monthly fees for credit card processing. Instead, fees are deducted from each successful charge deposited in your bank.

  • Efiling More info$10.00
  • Video Conferencing More info$30.00
  • Extra Storage Space (you get 5GB FREE) More info$5.00 per 100GB
  • Credit Card Processing More info3.0% + 35¢ per charge