PSYBooks Quick Vids

Each of these videos is under three minutes in length – they’re meant to give you a brief glimpse into what PSYBooks has to offer without wasting your time. Some also have a link to a longer tutorial on the same topic if you want to see more details.

  • File Storage in PSYBooks

    File storage in PSYBooks is easy, HIPAA-compliant and developed with therapists in mind. Store client records in their charts and your own files in the therapist section – there are separate places for each.

    Duration: 2:31Read about storing client files

    Read about storing your own files

  • Managing Client Files: Digital vs Paper

    Digital charts have the same features as paper charts but they’re easier to manage and you can do more with them. This video shows how PSYBooks charts are organized and how easy it is to maintain, archive and delete digital client records.

    Duration: 1:55

  • How to Efile

    Efiling is as simple as adding a session. In most situations, it only requires 3 clicks.

    Duration: 0:49Complete tutorial on efiling

  • Preparing to Efile

    You: “But! Isn’t there quite a bit of set up you have to do to get to the “3-click” stage described above?

    Us: There’s a little bit of set-up, but it’s not hard and you only have to do it one time for each client. This video will show you how.

    Duration: 1:42Complete tutorial on preparing to efile