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The times above are our dedicated live support hours for phone, chat and email. However, we have staff that regularly check email (form below) and phone messages (770-626-7863) outside of the listed hours to allow us to respond promptly to any communication. Also, feel free to view our calendar and schedule a demo with one of our support staff during these extended times: M-Th 9-9, F 9-6, S 9-1 (all ET).

Note: We will be closed Fri, 3/29 and Sat, 3/30.
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“[PSYBooks’] customer service/help team is fantastic. So fast, so accurate, so helpful, so friendly, so accessible. Best help of any company I’ve ever dealt with.”
~ David Woodsfellow, The Woodsfellow Institute for Couples

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Our Manual

Detailed “How To” manual that describes each of PSYBooks’ features and tools, complete with screenshots.


Informative articles on telehealth, choosing an EHR, portals, notes and more.

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Common questions that new users ask.

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A search tool for this site.


    Check the chat button on the bottom right of each page of this site. It will say “Chat Now” when we’re available and “Contact Us” when we’re busy helping others. The “Contact Us” mode allows you to leave us a message which we’ll return as soon as we can. Our regular hours are posted at the top of this page.

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