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HIPAA Survival Guide | Telebehavioral Health Institute

Worried about your HIPAA compliance? Look no farther! With the HIPAA Survival Guide Subscription Plan, you can implement, or update your HIPAA compliance initiative with ease. The Plan provides step-by-step guidance to make it easier for you to start or enhance your compliance initiative. The Subscription includes all of the tools, templates, checklists and model policies you might need to bring your business into full compliance.

Designed by a renowned HIPAA Lawyer, Carlos Leyva, the HIPAA Survival Guide Subscription Plan now includes Expresso™, which is a 7-step process for performing a HIPAA Risk Assessment. The Subscription Plan provides you on demand access to all products in the HIPAA Survivor Guide Store and our library of previously recorded webinars.

This offer is for PSYBooks’ subscribers only. To receive 20% off of the HIPAA Survival Guide Subscription Plan, sign up for PSYBooks, then navigate to Libraries > Affiliates to find the promo code for this offer.

For more information about HIPAA, you might also want to check out Carlos’ blog.

PSYBooks has partnered with the Telebehavioral Health Institute to bring you a discount on their Certification Program in telemental health. TBHI is the organization founded by Marlene Maheu, Ph.D., who has been working in and promoting telemental health for over 20 years and is a true pioneer and visionary in this field.

Join your many excited colleagues who work from wherever they choose, focus on serving their niche populations from distant locations, and leverage the power of technology in their everyday practice. With telepsychology, these and many more benefits are available to you, literally at your fingertips.