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Philosophy and Guiding Values

It took more than 5 years to develop PSYBooks. Why? Because we kept thinking of ways to make it BETTER. While that may not speak to good economic sense, it does serve to illustrate our primary guiding principle:

We want to deliver the best practice management system for the mental health professional that we possibly can.

This means that we are devoted to:

  • user-friendliness. We want PSYBooks to be so easy to use that it practically runs itself. (And it almost does.)
  • security. In the mental health profession, our clients count on us. PSYBooks takes this trust very seriously. We’ve done a lot of research to help ensure that your clients’ data will be both transmitted and stored with optimal security.
  • features. PSYBooks is loaded with features and our “feature to-do list” gets longer every day. Have an idea? Let us know!
  • customer service. We want you to be treated well and to get the help you need – the same way we would want to be treated.

The History of PSYBooks

PSYBooks was designed by Susan C. Litton, Ph.D., a psychologist in private practice in Atlanta, GA. Susan became interested in the Web/mental health connection in 1995 when she became a volunteer chat host for a channel on America Online called Online Psych. Her duties expanded, Online Psych was purchased by iVillage.com and eventually, Susan was hired by iVillage as the Sr. Community Producer for their entire Health channel. More info

Our Team

Susan C. Litton, BFA, Ph.D. – Founder and CEO

Susan Litton, creator of PSYBooksSusan C. Litton, Ph.D. holds degrees in both interactive design/development and mental health and is actively engaged with careers in both. She’s the creator and driving force behind PSYBooks and has also been a clinical psychologist in private practice in Atlanta, GA since 1985. Dr. Litton is also a charter member of the Coalition for Technology in Behavioral Science (CTiBS) and served for a while as a representative to the HL7 CBCC Workgroup, which is tasked with, among other things, developing international standards for EHRs.

Anokhi Desai, MBA, MHA – Business & Marketing Development

Anokhi Desai, Business & Marketing DevelopmentAnokhi Desai, MBA, MHA joins PSYBooks as an experienced, dedicated and motivated professional. With her broad knowledge of the healthcare industry and experience in business planning/strategy, market research, and project management, she provides PSYBooks with a fresh perspective and is ensuring we continue to grow as we tackle the myriad of challenges in this industry.

Sheree Hill, BFA – Graphic Designer/Animator

 Sheree Hill, Graphic Designer/Animator Sheree Hill earned her BFA at the Art Institute of Atlanta and since then, has worked with a wide portfolio of iconic brands including Harley-Davidson, AT&T, Kellogg’s Special K, Tupperware, Budweiser, Home Depot, Toyota Scion, Listerine and Sony Pictures. She has also created digital marketing for Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, Southeastern Conference Sports, and NCAA. Her work has been recognized with three Webby Awards and has been featured in AdWeek and the Today Show with Brooke Shields. With PSYBooks, Sheree has morphed the PSYBooks logo into an animated character named “PSI GUY.” Psi Guy will launch his own fun-based instructional series in the near future.

Suryakanta Das, MCA – Senior Software Engineer

Suryakanta Das, MCA - Senior Software Engineer Suryakanta has 8.5 years experience in web application development and has been with PSYBooks over 6 years, i.e., almost from the very beginning. At this point, he oversees the development of all of the PSYBooks products in addition to doing much of the work himself. It’s rare to find someone who can comfortably wear as many hats as Suryakanta does. He is truly Susan’s right hand man, often putting in extra time when needed after regular work hours. She has NEVER given him a bug he can’t track down and fix, and usually in fairly short order. Specifications for new features are always run by Suryakanta first to get his input and approval before proceding. In his free time, Suryakanta enjoys listening to music and watching movies.

Rakesh Ranjan Das, B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering – Software Engineer

Rakesh Ranjan Das, B.Tech - Software Engineer Rakesh has been with PSYBooks for about 2 years and has already earned his place as an extremely valuable member of the team. He has taken the lead on some of the larger projects within PSYBooks and seen them through from the idea stage to launch. He has an uncanny knack for finding ways to make a feature more user-friendly, which, of course, is one of PSYBooks’ guiding principles. Sometimes entire tools (really good ones!) have been built because Rakesh has seen the need and mentioned it to Susan. He is passionate about coding and is also a fan of soccer.

Arnav Biswas, B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering – Software Engineer

Arnav Biswas, B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering - Software Engineer Arnav is a very dedicated backend developer who hit the ground running when he first joined PSYBooks. At the time, everyone else was heavily engaged in finishing a project that was already in process, so Arnav was given a brand new, large and complex feature to begin on his own. He accepted the job gracefully and worked diligently and independently, integrating his project into the whole beautifully, despite the fact that he had no previous experience with PSYBooks. When the rest of the team finished their project, they were all amazed at how much Arnav had been quietly completing on his own. When not working, Arnav enjoys technology, music and basketball.

Sipra Ray, B.Tech Mechanical Engineering – Senior Software Test Engineer

Sipra Ray, B.Tech,Senoir Software Test Engineer Sipra’s job is to go over everything in the app with a fine-toothed comb to make sure it works as it should. Sipra is truly amazing. Often, she finds things that NO one else on the team has thought to even question. Sipra has had 4.5 years experience in manual, mobile and automation testing with healthcare applications, PMS and other web app projects. She has working knowledge and experience in Test Planning, Test Estimation, Test Case Design, Test Case Execution, Functional, Smoke, UI, Cross-Browser and Database Testing. She’s also knowledgeable in the Waterfall model and in Agile methodologies in SDLC. Her hobbies are dancing and singing.

Ashutosh Singh, MCA – UI/UX developer

 Ashutosh Singh, MCA - Software Engineer Ashutosh Singh joins PSYBooks as an experienced UI developer who believes in hard work and is dedicated to every task he is assigned. His focus is front-end design and development and he loves creating user interfaces that are both beautiful and utilitarian. When he’s not engaged in UI development, Ashutosh also enjoys sports like cricket and football.

Carlos A. Leyva, Esq. – Outside Counsel

 Carlos A. Leyva, Esq., Outside Counsel Carlos Leyva’s combination of legal, business, healthcare, and technology experience allows him to collaborate with clients as a trusted adviser, one that understands their legal challenges not as a knowledgeable outsider would, but rather because he has often been in their shoes. Carlos, in addition to being Managing Shareholder of The Digital Business Law Group, PA., is also CEO of 3Lions Publishing, Inc., an online new media company that publishes the HIPAA Survival Guide, one of the most authoritative healthcare regulatory compliance sites on the Internet.