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PSYBooks EHR & Portal for Behavioral Health

Telehealth for Behavioral Health

Notice: Our Terms of Service are not changing. PSYBooks has never sold, bartered, or traded any patient data, even in de-identified form. This includes but is not limited to, training AI models. Our policies have always been transparent and will continue to be so.

In addition to being the owner, president, and CEO of PSYBooks, I am also a practicing psychologist. I know how I would want to be treated by a healthcare software company. That is how I intend to continue to treat you.

Susan C. Litton, Ph.D.
President & CEO,

PSYBooks is a behavioral health EHR and Patient Portal for private and group practices that is both fully integrated and reasonably priced. It features HIPAA-Compliant email, texting, video and other the tools you need for both telehealth and in-office appointments. Switching to PSYBooks is easy. Check out the video above to watch our Onboarding Tool in action!

We’ve Launched New Tools!

Bark at work
  • PSYBooks Connect: A lower-cost video product with some fun features we think you’ll love. Your patients wait for you in a realistic-looking waiting room that changes with the seasons. In fall and winter, they can watch a crackling fire in the fireplace and maybe even glimpse snow out the window. In spring and summer, a robin feeds her babies, hummingbirds visit their feeder, and butterflies flit here and there. We love making our tools fun to use, and PSYBooks Connect is a great example!
  • Custom Forms: The Custom Forms tool allows you to convert the forms you regularly use in your practice to online forms. This allows you to send things like your Intake Form, Practice Policies, Informed Consents, HIPAA documents, etc. all within the app for better workflow and security. Ideal for your Good Faith Estimates for the “No Surprises Act.”
  • Onboarding Tools: Makes it super easy for new subscribers to get started with the PSYBooks EHR/Portal – whether you’re currently a paper-pencil therapist or switching from another EMR or practice management system.

Not Sure Why You Might Want a Subscription to PSYBooks?

The PSYBooks EHR & Portal is like a smartphone. You don’t HAVE to have it, but it sure does make life easier. PSYBooks is two applications in one – an EHR for your practice management tasks, and a Portal for secure, HIPAA-compliant communications with your clients.

We love answering questions and showing people around PSYBooks! In our video demos, we share our screen so when you have a question, we can actually show you how that works. We can schedule demos for just you or for your entire office staff. Pick a time that’s good for you and we do the rest.

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Still Not Convinced Why You Want THIS EHR? Take a Look at These:

  • 100% end-to-end encrypted, threaded email integrated into the medical record.

  • Video telehealth that you KNOW is HIPAA compliant.

  • All of your client records are in one place which you can access anywhere.

  • All tools are integrated. You enter data ONCE and all tools automatically update.

  • Nothing to download or install – just sign up and start using it.

  • Customizable appointment reminders.

A Peak at Some of our Behavioral Health Features