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PSYBooks EHR & Portal for Behavioral Health

Telehealth for Behavioral Health

PSYBooks is a behavioral health EHR and Patient Portal for private and group practices that is both fully integrated and reasonably priced. It features HIPAA-Compliant email, texting, video and other the tools you need for both telehealth and in-office appointments. Switching to PSYBooks is easy. Check out the video above to watch it in action.


We’ve Launched New Tools!

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  • Esign Tools: Allows behavioral health patients (and others) to sign and return forms digitally. Perfect for informed consents, HIPAA notices and the GFE notices required by the No Surprises Act.
  • Profile Form: Allows you to send patients an online intake form that can be used to populate their charts. They do the data entry – not you.
  • Onboarding Tools: Makes it super easy for new subscribers to get started with the PSYBooks EHR/Portal – whether you’re currently a paper-pencil therapist or switching from another EMR or practice management system.

Coming Soon:

  • Custom Forms that you create, then send to clients. Ideal for creating and delivering Good Faith Estimates for the “No Surprises Act.”
  • A lower-priced video product with some unique, fun features we think you’ll love.

Not Sure Why You Might Want a Subscription to PSYBooks?

The PSYBooks EHR & Portal is like a smartphone. You don’t HAVE to have it, but it sure does make life easier. PSYBooks is two applications in one – an EHR for your practice management tasks, and a Portal for secure, HIPAA-compliant communications with your clients.

We love answering questions and showing people around PSYBooks! In our video demos, we share our screen so when you have a question, we can actually show you how that works. We can schedule demos for just you or for your entire office staff. Pick a time that’s good for you and we do the rest.

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Still Not Convinced Why You Want THIS EHR? Take a Look at These:

  • 100% end-to-end encrypted, threaded email integrated into the medical record.

  • Video telehealth that you KNOW is HIPAA compliant.

  • All of your client records are in one place which you can access anywhere.

  • All tools are integrated. You enter data ONCE and all tools automatically update.

  • Nothing to download or install – just sign up and start using it.

  • Customizable appointment reminders.

A Peak at Some of our Behavioral Health Features