You're no longer confined to your office. Use PSYBooks Video for your telehealth appointments.

PSYBooks Video is here!

The PSYBooks Portal now offers video. PSYBooks Video is 100% HIPAA-compliant, whereas products like Skype and Facetime are not. PSYBooks Video is based on the Zoom platform which produces the best video quality we’ve seen and offers the following features:

    • Unlimited sessions for unlimited particpants. You can have individual sessions, do couples’ and family work, conduct groups or use it for online staff meetings.
    • Two-way screen share. (Good for PowerPoint presentations or anything else you might want to share with your clients.)
    • Online clinician directory for you to advertise your telehealth services.
    • Chat. (Handy if some participants don’t have microphones or are muted.)
    • The ability to create unlimited E-Documents that your patients can fill out and electronically sign while waiting for their appointment to start. (Good for intake forms, HIPAA documents, etc.)
    • Shareable whiteboards you can use to write or draw as you conduct your session.
    • Customizable links for your virtual waiting room.
    • 24/7 phone and email support.

Check out pricing here then sign up with the orange Subscribe button on the top of any page.


  • Patient portal with fully encrypted, HIPAA-compliant email. Email clients, colleagues, your accountant, anyone where PHI might need to be shared.

    PSYBooks’ email is encrypted both “in motion” and “at rest”. To make it even safer, we also encrypt all attachments. We go BEYOND what HIPAA requires to keep your email safe.More info

  • Appointment Reminders. Use our default reminders or create your own text and/or email templates. Send the same reminder to all or individualize them. Daily schedule to the therapist.

    Fully customizable. Create reusable variables with drag ‘n’ drop interface. Include affirmations, quotes, homework reminders – anything you want.More info

  • Nothing to install, nothing to update. We do it all for you. All you need is a web browser.

    You never have to worry about outdated software. We notify you as new features are added. All you have to do is start using them.More info

  • Finally! A calendar designed specifically for mental health professionals

    The calendar in PSYBooks is modeled after the Google calendar. However, we didn’t stop there. We tailor-made our calendar to meet the needs of mental health practitioners. Where else can you add your clients via a dropdown box, have your appointment time default to 45 minutes AND have the whole thing be HIPAA compliant?More info

  • Efile, ERAs and EFTs: Three “Es” that can simplify your life

    Efiling claims really couldn’t be easier. Just select your client’s insurance company from our efile list and you’re set to go. Each time you add a session, you tell us whether you do or don’t want to efile that particular claim and we’ll do the rest. More info

  • Client notes the way you want them

    You choose whether the note you’re writing becomes part of the client’s medical record (PHI) or whether it’s categorized as your own personal psychotherapy note (thus NOT part of the medical record).More info

  • Customize user accounts to have only the permissions you grant

    PSYBooks has four account types you can assign a user: Clinical, Clinical View, Admin and Admin View. Within each of these broad account types, you have control over the specific tasks the user can and cannot do.More info

  • Robust report section

    PSYBooks offers numerous reports, each with a series of filters capable of producing literally hundreds of different user-customized results. You are in charge of what appears on your report.More info

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