Calendar Displays

Like most online calendars, PSYBooks has Daily, Weekly and Monthly views. You can customize your display even further with the Calendar Settings tool, which is accessed by clicking the down arrow by Calendar Settings on the left nav of all pages in the calendar:

Calendar Settings

If you have more than one office, PSYBooks also lets you choose which office schedule you’re viewing – or you can view them all at once. For example, in the screenshot below, the subscriber, Stef Smith, has a GOI account with her office partner Gustav Smirnov. Stef has two office locations – one at 1834 Clairmont and the other at 520 S Blackwood. She has chosen to share her calendar with Gustav which means that his calendar(s) are also listed on her left nav:

GOI Calendar Settings

Notice that both of Stef’s office addresses are highlighted with a gray background, whereas Gustav’s 1834 calendar is not. This means that when the screenshot was taken, Stef was viewing both of her own calendars but was not viewing Gustav’s calendar. Also notice that she has her 1834 calendar color set to gold whereas the 520 calendar is a pale orange. Viewing the entire calendar, it’s easy to see which appointments are at each office:

GOI Calendar Settings

If Stef were to click Gustav’s 1834 address, she’d be able to toggle back and forth and view only Gustav’s calendars – or only hers. She can also check the “View all calendars on one page” checkbox and see all three calendars at one time.

Cancel Client Appointments

PSYBooks makes cancelling appointments a breeze. Clicking an existing appointment will open a window like the one below where you can cancel one or, for repeating appointments, a series of appointments:

Cancel Appointment

The resulting cancelled appointment remains on your calendar but looks like this so you can easily differentiate it from other appointments:

Cancelled Appointment

You can delete an appointment if you want to remove it completely from the calendar. However, if you need a record of cancellations, the method shown above will allow you to do that. Unlike deleted appointments, cancelled appointments remain in your clients’ charts so, for example, you can keep track of the number of appointments a client cancels over a given period of time.

Add Client Appointments

We started with the Google calendar design and tailored it for mental health. For example, when you click a time block to add an appointment, the window you get has a dropdown box with all of your clients listed. You don’t have to type a name, just select the name you want.

Add appointment

And when you click Save? The default appointment time is set to 45 minutes. If that doesn’t fit your practice, you can change the appointment time to whatever you want. PSYBooks puts you in the driver’s seat so you can mold your practice management system around the way YOU work, not the other way around.

Adding repeated appointments is also easy. When you make a selection in the “Repeats” dropdown box, the form will display a new set of options that will allow you to refine your choice:

Add repeating appointments

When you use the PSYBooks calendar, client appointments automatically integrate into the client’s chart. No more having your calendar in one place and everything else someplace different. For example, when you open a client’s chart, you are shown information about their next appointment and are also given a link where you can view all of their appointments – past and/or upcoming:

Calendar integrates with chart