Practice Management System and Portal for Mental Health Professionals and their Clients


There are no HIPAA compliant products or services, because by definition, only HIPAA covered entities (e.g., you) and business associates (e.g., PSYBooks) can be compliant. In other words, it’s not a product or service that’s compliant, it’s how you, as a covered entity, or we, as a business associate, write and implement our policies and procedures to utilize those products.

That being said, if your practice management system doesn’t provide you with the proper tools, it may make your compliance difficult, if not impossible. PSYBooks works diligently to assure that we are in compliance with HIPAA and also, that we provide the necessary technical features and functions for you to use to facilitate your own compliance. For example:

  • PSYBooks logs all activities that take place in your account so you’ll be able to easily give an accurate accounting of who has accessed your clients’ PHI and what actions they took. Activity Log Activity Log
  • PSYBooks provides you with flexible, easy-to-use PHI Reports and ways to keep track of when you created one. PHI Report Very Easy PHI Report
  • PSYBooks gives you 5GB of free file storage that is encrypted both in transmission (i.e., when you upload your files) and also at rest (when your files are being stored). You can, for example, maintain your entire HIPAA/HITECH compliance repository as well as all other files you need in your practice within PSYBooks and know that the files are being maintained in ways that meet HIPAA/HITECH standards. File Storage for Each Client File Storage for Each Client Your Personal File Storage Your Personal File Storage
  • PSYBooks allows you to create user accounts and limit the user’s access to the specific tasks and/or clients they need to perform their duties. User Accounts User Accounts