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More Than a Three-Room House

Susan C. Litton, Ph.D.    |    April 9, 2020

Imagine a two-room house whose occupants have outgrown it. They decide to solve the dilemma by tacking another room on the back. Great! The siding doesn’t quite match – nor does the roof. Some of the existing old-growth trees had to be felled to make the new room fit, and when you’re inside, you have to remember to step down and duck a bit as you enter the new room. But hey! The owners still have that extra room! If they decide to put their home on the market, they can advertise it as having three rooms.

Unfortunately, some EHRs are built like this. New tools get tacked on helter-skelter because developers are in a hurry to roll out the new feature so they can tell prospective customers, “We have three rooms!” But from the user’s perspective, they may find they have to enter data twice, fill in form fields that could have been auto-populated, log in to entirely different programs, and other things that are less than desirable and that add to their overall workload and potential for errors.

PSYBooks takes great pains to assure that each new feature we add is integrated seamlessly with all the others. Although we’ve probably added more than 50 new features and tools since we first launched, each one syncs with all the others to give you a single, integrated product where all parts work together.

Our process for adding video sessions is an excellent example of this. We’ve pared down the steps you have to do to the bare minimum then we take care of everything else behind the scenes. You can even enter video sessions for groups – knowing that each member of the group will get their own invitation, adjusted to their timezone. Repeating appointments are also easy. You enter it once, tell us when you want it to repeat, then we make sure the recipient is reminded for each subsequent appointment in a timely fashion.

Here’s a quick video to show you how it works:

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About the Author:

Susan C. Litton, Ph.D. holds degrees in both psychology and IT. In addition to being the developer of the PSYBooks EHR & Portal, she's been a practicing clinical psychologist in Decatur, GA, since 1985.