Automatic Updates

PSYBooks is updated frequently. Most updates are small such as a minor bug or misspelled word which we fix and then refresh all instances of the application to reflect the change. Those kinds of updates are considered routine maintenance and most likely, unless you happened to notice the problem to begin with, you won’t even realize anything changed. This is one of the beauties of the Web. Unlike print material or software that you download, we can make updates and improvements as often as needed and deliver them to you right away.

The other kind of updates we roll out are new features. Nothing excites us more than coming up with a new idea that we think is especially cool and then doing what it takes to implement and deliver it. Unlike routine maintenance, when we roll out a new feature, we generally notify you in some way – either via email and/or by a notice the next time you sign in to PSYBooks. This is partly to help orient you to the new feature but partly just because we’re excited about it and want to share. More about new features in PSYBooks