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We love coming up with new features for PSYBooks. It’s probably the most fun thing we do. When we release a new feature, your account will automatically get the update. If it’s a substantial release, we’ll email you and/or notify you next time you sign in to give you a brief description of the new feature and what it does.

Some things that fall into the new feature category are modifications of an existing tool or section of PSYBooks. We see a way to make something better so we change it. Other new features are brand new things we’ve never offered before. Although some new features can be completed reasonably quickly, others are quite involved. Depending on the complexity, the amount of time it takes to develop a new feature can vary from a week or so to several months.

We get some of our ideas for new features from you. PSYBooks comes with a bug reporting tool that also doubles as a feature request tool. The “Find a Bug?” tool will appear in the bottom right corner of each page of your app. When you click it, a window opens with a dropdown box where you can choose the type of issue you’re reporting. One of the choices in the dropdown box is “New feature request”. Click that, briefly describe your idea, and we’ll consider it. Our goal is to make PSYBooks as good as we possibly can for our customers so we appreciate knowing what you want and need.

New feature request tool