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Fun New HIPAA Compliant Video: PSYBooks Connect

Remember what it’s like to walk into a therapist’s REAL waiting room? The virtual space in PSYBooks Connect where your clients wait is like that. Connect is the new, low-cost, HIPAA Compliant video option that’s integrated into the PSYBooks EHR. The animated waiting rooms* not only allow you and your client(s) to test and adjust both audio and video, but also provide a relaxing atmosphere to gather your thoughts before the session.

Waiting rooms change with the season. In fall and winter, you can watch a fire in the fireplace and sometimes snow falling outside the window. In spring and summer, a mother robin feeds her babies, humming birds feed at the feeder, and butterflies flit around. There’s also a salt water aquarium year ’round where a silly yellow tang keeps pecking at its reflection in a thwarted attempt to drive off the “intruder.” Through it all PSYBark sleeps softly on his rug. It’s easy to imagine hearing a soft snore from time to time.

Therapists can also record sessions in PSYBooks Connect. After the session, you can directly save uploaded recordings to the EHR. Since recordings never have to leave the app, the entire process is secure and HIPAA Compliant. The fact that all transactions take place within the app is easier, faster and safer than when you use a standalone tool and need to download the recording to your machine, then upload them to a separate secure location.

There are three places you can store video files in PSYBooks. Two are for you, and one for your client if they also want a copy:

In addition to Connect, when you sign up for PSYBooks, you also get our encrypted email, which is 100% end-to-end encrypted, unlike some products which are only encrypted about 85% of the time. Our Mobile App is also free with your PSYBooks subscription, as are our Custom Forms.

PSYBooks Connect accommodates up to four participants in the meeting and provides our subscribers with a low-cost alternative to SecureVideo, which is our Zoom-based video tool. We think you’ll like it!

Notice: Our Terms of Service are not changing. PSYBooks has never sold, bartered, or traded any patient data, even in de-identified form. This includes but is not limited to, training AI models. Our policies have always been transparent and will continue to be so.

In addition to being the owner, president, and CEO of PSYBooks, I am also a practicing psychologist. I know how I would want to be treated by a healthcare software company. That is how I intend to continue to treat you.

Susan C. Litton, Ph.D.
President & CEO,

* The graphic on this post is a non-animated screenshot of the summer waiting room.

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About the Author:

Susan C. Litton, Ph.D. holds degrees in both psychology and IT. In addition to being the developer of the PSYBooks EHR & Portal, she's been a practicing clinical psychologist in Decatur, GA, since 1985.