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We know you have choices.

So Why PSYBooks?

Lots of reasons! Our tools are fully integrated and easy to use for both telehealth and in-office appointments. Whether you see patients in your office or via telehealth, PSYBooks EHR & Portal can save you time and money AND make it all easier.

“[PSYBooks’] customer service/help team is fantastic. So fast, so accurate, so helpful, so friendly, so accessible. Best help of any company I’ve ever dealt with.” ~ David Woodsfellow, The Woodsfellow Institute for Couples

Why Switch to PSYBooks? Easy!

We Have Everything You Need at Competitive Prices.

PSYBooks EHR & Portal:

Two Programs in One

An EHR for behind-the-scenes practice management tasks and a HIPAA-compliant Portal for interacting with clients.

Unlike some programs, we take extra pains to make sure each of the two halves is fully integrated with everything else. Data entry is a single step instead of two or more separate tasks required by many programs.

This integration cuts down on user errors, since it can be hard to remember to change things in more than one place. We devote this degree of care and attention to each of the tools in PSYBooks to make your life easier.


“PSYBooks is a comprehensive, well-constructed, user-friendly and very intuitive EHR to use. I have tried other EHRs which were difficult to use, had limited (if any) technical support and were not well-informed about HIPAA compliance. I’ve returned to PSYBooks!”
Private Practitioner, Atlanta, GA

“It’s like having a magician in your office!”
Kathleen Yutchishen – Irvine, GA

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