Practice Management System and Portal for Mental Health Professionals and their Clients

Introduction to the PSYBooks Portal

The portal is the web-based interface between you and your clients. In a sense, it allows your clients (or anyone else you designate) to have their own “mini” version of PSYBooks that contains just their own data – no one else’s. You can view data they enter on your side and interact with the client about their data, all through the portal.

As a therapist, you access your version of the portal with a button on the right side on the top nav. The portal is set aside from all other buttons in that row because in many ways, the portal is a mini-application in its own right. It’s like an application within an application. The button to access the portal is here:

How to access the portal

Once you’re inside the portal, the interface will be familiar: it’s the same tabbed interface that’s used throughout PSYBooks, making it easy to use. Currently, there are two tabs – one for Portal Users and one for Email. However, the mockup below will give you a glimpse into what we’re planning for the future:

The Portal

  • The Portal Users tab is where you can send new invites to ask people to join your portal and also manage the Portal Users you have: change their permission levels (i.e., which portions of the portal they can access and what they can do there), help them reset their passwords, remove them from your portal, etc.
  • The Email tab is your interface for any encrypted email you want to send. Our email surpasses HIPAA standards for encryption. It also has many of the features you’re used to seeing in regular, non-encrypted email, such as the ability to create folders for each of your clients, the ability to move mail to various folders, etc.
  • The Scheduling tab will allow the therapist to release their entire schedule or just certain portions of it to all clients or just certain ones. In other words, if you don’t like the idea of posting your entire schedule online for all to see, you’ll be able to use the PSYBooks scheduler in specific cases, with specific clients. For example, when a client contacts you and asks to reschedule, you can release just the times you could see that person to them only. As with most scheduling apps, both parties can be notified of any changes made in appointments. However, you will have control over which notifications you receive so you don’t receive blanket notifications that just clog your inbox or phone.
  • The Conferencing tab will allow you to conduct HIPAA-compliant video sessions with clients who can’t make it into the office. If you plan to build a complete telementalhealth practice, you will have all the tools you need in PSYBooks. The advantage of using a video app that’s right in your EHR is that it’s already synced with your clients. That means that clients will be able to schedule video sessions with the scheduler and also, you’ll be able to invoice them for their sessions as soon as you finish. Insurance can also be billed – right from the conferencing app.
  • The Payments tab will allow clients to make online bill payments directly to the application. Since PSYBooks already has the encrypted email feature, this means that you’ll be able to invoice clients and receive payments on those invoices, all within the portal.

We are very excited about our portal! It fits right in with our commitment to work toward building all the tools a mental health therapist might need – all within one app. Sign up now and watch us grow!